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Historical Support Of Rehabilitation


In addition to the plans we have for our own ministry of rehabilitation in the Oblast (state), we want to support and encourage rehabilitation efforts that are currently in operation.


1.   In 2006, Heart of Ukraine Ministries helped the Kaleenivka House of Prayer (Church) purchase a house and land for a rehabilitation program.  After some basic remodeling, a Program Supervisor was found and several men accepted into the program.    Occasional visits on-site have been made to the rehabilitation center in order to visit with the program men and touch base with the Pastor and Program Supervisor.   Unfortunately we have learned that there are no longer clients at this facility.


2.  In 2008, Heart of Ukraine Ministries counseled and educated a group of young people from a church who are planning to open a juvenile male group home that can accept young men when they release from the local juvenile prison.   Topics like discipline procedures, counseling techniques, handling sexual predators, etc… were discussed.  A number of educational and program resources have been made available to them as well. 


3.  The Nazarene Church in Vinnitsa has sponsored several small rehabilitation homes out in villages.  We initially met them in 2003 when they had just started to work in Vinnitsa in a small home they had purchased.  Pastor Roma has been very open to working with Heart of Ukraine Ministries, especially in the avenue of educating the public, business owners, and government officials about addiction, homelessness, prostitution, AIDS, etc….   We have assisted with introductions of local Pastors (non-Nazarene) to Pastor Roma and arranged tours of their facilities in order to educate the Pastors on the similarities of their denominations in order to reduce fear of the differences which on many occasions prevented referrals to the rehab center.


4.  After hearing about a rehabilitation program in the town of Fostiv near Keiv, Heart of Ukraine Ministries visited the Philadelphia Rehabilitation Center.   Their program is very close to the one we have established in the Vinnitsa area/Oblast.  On several occasions we have given them financial support as well as sending food items to them.  During the 2009 summer when we were assisting the remodeling of buildings for a potential rehabilitation center, the Philadelphia Rehab Center sent seven (8) of their more seasoned men to come and help for two weeks.


5.  Heart of Ukraine Ministries has visited with a number of Pastors in the Vinnitsa Oblast about rehabilitation.  Many shared their vision or initial steps toward establishing programs and were offered encouragement, suggestions, etc…   We hope to offer continued support to these Pastors as their programs progress.


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