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  Rehabilitation System & Goals


·        Basic Rehabilitation Progress

·        Future Goals



Basic Rehabilitation Progress


Although this ministry is still in its earliest stages we do have a goal for rehabilitation that drives us.  Below are the basics of how we see and hope to do rehabilitation:


Initial entry into the program could occur through several different ways.  They could visit the Homeless Shelter and decided to enroll in the rehabilitation program, through local referrals from Pastors, or hearing of the programs by word of mouth and seeking out the programs.   


Note: Many of our current placements at David’s House Rehab Farm are through the Homeless Feeding Program


The first two (2) levels of rehabilitation would occur at the Rehabilitation Farm.  The Farm is far from the city and this distance encourages men and women to stay as they would have to walk the distance back to town if they want to leave the program.  Being far from town will also remove them from their 'home' environment in most cases and break the link between them and their drug or alcohol supply.  The basic spiritual goal during this time would be to expose them to Jesus Christ and His saving grace through repeated exposures to His Word and teachings.   The first 90 days of the program would be focused on the 12 Step program as well as detoxifying their bodies.    The following 90 days would focus on helping them know who God really is and how He wants to be a part of their lives.   We plan on using the ‘Experiencing God’ Bible study during this period. 


Note: Currently David’s House Rehab Farm is up and running and can house six (6) men and four (4) women; the final goal of beds would be 20 men and 4 women.  Remodeling continues at this facility.  The farm has one cow, one goat, two pigs, and (laying) chickens.  This year the facility worked three (3) gardens, approximately 2.5 hectares or just over 6 acres. 


Levels 3 & 4 would occur at the Homeless Shelter and last approximately six (6) months. .  This placement would give them a controlled exposure to 'temptations' while giving them a continued life of being sober and clean.  Mentors would become a big part of their lives during these phases in addition to the daily Bible studies and worship services.  This program would take them through their first step of giving back after living a life of 'taking' as well as giving them courage that they can resist the temptations.  Additionally, family counseling would become a focus as they begin to interact with family in a new way, and help the family to break their bonds of codependency and dysfunction.  During these levels we plan on using the ‘Master Life’ Bible study which is heavy life application of God’s Word, in addition to addressing a number of routinely problematic areas such as parenting, anger management, marriage, courting or dating, money management, etc…


Note:  The Vinnitsa City Government has entered into a partnership with Heart of Ukraine Ministries to provide a Homeless Shelter.  Currently an identified building is being readied for use by the city.  As there is no current Homeless Shelter, clients spend the 3rd & 4th levels at the Farm.


Levels 5& 6 would occur at small Rehabilitation Homes in the Villages.  This stage of the program would integrate clients back into society, connect them with a home church, and allow them to start earning a living.  Evangelism would become a bigger part of their spiritual life as they begin to have more contact in the community; sometimes the community that knew them as an addict or alcoholic.  If the men have families Level 6 would be the time they begin to live with their families either at a ministry home or at their own home depending up on the conditions.  These levels would put into practice more deeply the life application concepts learned during their first year on the program.  A number of different Bible studies would be used during these levels and would be tailored more closely to the needs of the client as they prepare for a lifestyle of Christianity.


Note: This is our next focus after the Homeless Shelter is up and running.  Currently clients in the 5th & 6th levels are at the Farm.










·     Physical Withdraw

·     Emotional Withdraw

90 Days

(3 mo)

None; no passes into the community; Special supervised visits upon approval




·     Drug/Alcohol Education

·     Basic Salvation Issues

90 Days

(3 mo)

1 visit every week at the facility by family – Supervised




·     New Life in Christ

·     Basic Life Application (Self)

90 Days

(3 mo)

Weekly Visits Unsupervised; 1 monthly day pass into the community is possible

Supervised; minimal; As approved due to progress



·     Life Application (Others - i.e., Program Men)

·     Establishing Daily Habits

90 Days

(3 mo)

Weekly Visits Unsupervised; 2 monthly day passes into the community are possible

Supervised; medium; As approved due to progress



·     Life Application (Family)

·     Expanding on God’s Word

90-180 Days

(3 -6 mo)

Weekly Visits Unsupervised; Day pass each week is possible

Unsupervised; maximum; As approved due to progress


Long Term Living

·     Establishing Life Goals and Self Initiating

·     Reintegration Training

·     Leadership Training

As Needed

1 yr Max

Weekly Visits Unsupervised; Day or Overnight pass each week or a weekend pass as approved

Supervising work groups;


At each point of progress there will be a celebration in the form of a graduation ceremony.





Association of Rehabilitation Programs


As our work progresses in Vinnitsa, Ukraine, we hope to establish an association that is open to any rehabilitation program within the Vinnitsa Oblast (state). 


An association would allow for the sharing of information through training sessions for staff, volunteers and churches, as well as encouragement in this difficult field of ministry.  The association would create a large network of rehabilitation services for the Oblast and those seeking help would have a greater chance of finding a program that fits their specific needs. 


By uniting together, programs/centers could promote and support conferences and educational media efforts that would inform the public on the resources available, that there is hope for those suffering from addictions, and that by working together lives can be changed. 


In September 2008, Heart of Ukraine Ministries was certified in the Vinnitsa Oblast, Ukraine, as ‘Vinnitsa - Heart of Ukraine’ a charity non-profit organization.  Included in the statues of the organization was the allowance for a rehabilitation association. 


In the near future, Heart of Ukraine Ministries will begin contacting known rehabilitation programs to form the association. 







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