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Our Journals

Currently our journals are recorded on Facebook – Heart of Ukraine Ministries. 

Just locate Heart of Ukraine Ministries on Facebook, ‘Like’ it and then you can interact with us, comment, view pictures, etc…

NOTE:  Due to living in a small village our ability to connect with the internet is limited (cell phone modem) and although we have access most days to Facebook, posting our journals on our website is impossible due to the slow signal.

Historical:  If you are interested, we have a number of historical 'blogs' or 'journals' that follow the daily work we did in Ukraine our first 1 ½ - 2 years. 

If you want to get a personal view of life as a missionary in Ukraine during our first years, you'll enjoy our personal blogs:  Mark's Journal or Laura's Journal.   We shared the daily events that went on and our personal feelings.

If you are interested in just the main highlights of our ministry during those first days, then the Ministry Growth blog is what you’ll want to read.  Here we just gave you the main events about our ministry and the newest developments at the time.

There is also a Prayer Request blog where we listed the prayer requests of those early days for the prayer warriors out there.  Prayer continues to be one of our greatest needs !

Last but not least, is our Life in Ukraine blog which shares unique characteristics of Ukrainian life that are different from American life . . .things we noticed in our first years in Ukraine.  Some are funny, some are interesting and some are just plain different from American living.



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