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·         English Class/Club with Following Bible Study

·         English Tutoring

·         Nanny Training

English Class/Club with Following Bible Study

In coordination with International Partnership (IP) we have taught English classes since 2007.  After the English class, an IP representative leads a Bible discussion to discover God’s truth.  Many of the English students do not attend church or acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. 


The spiritual discussions are aimed at presenting different ideas for the students to think about, while getting practical experience by reading different sections of the Bible in English and then in Russian; with the advanced students we have them read the English then translate it into Russian (without looking at the Russian text) or vice versa. 


We have had a number of different events that have included movie nights, a cooking class at Mark & Laura’s apartment (when they lived in Vinnitsa), parties to celebrate American holidays (i.e., Thanksgiving) as well as Ukrainian holidays (i.e., New Years),  a field trip to a local museum where the tour guide spoke English, game nights, etc… 


As a result of this outreach some of the students have attend the Church For You services, Monday night Women’s Bible study, and other fellowship small groups and have helped with different ministry activities (i.e., feeding homeless).  Three of the students attend Church For You Regularly, two being young Christians, and the third accepted Christ and was baptized in 2010.


English Tutoring: 

Laura tutors English on a one-to-one basis with several students and provides a business English course for a local computer programming company.   Because of Laura’s background as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) while a Fire Fighter, and her time in the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP) she is able to provide medical tutoring and has taught several Doctors (i.e., Hematologist, Cardiologist).   Her experience as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) also allows her to teach business English. Some of her students make donations to the ministry by choice.  There are many opportunities to share Jesus and Biblical principles as she teaches, focusing on the ‘relationship’ with Jesus and not religion.  Some of her tutoring is informal, through letting translators practice their skills during Bible Studies, speaking with a government worker who is trying to improve her English through practical application, reviewing a poem, etc…


Mark occasionally tutors but in a much more informal way.  He meets with different men who have differing levels of English and just spends guy time with them.  Some are men who are struggling with addictions; others who play football; while others are professional white collar workers. 


Nanny Training: 

In 2009, while still living in Vinnitsa, Laura provided a weekly training session to a number of young girls who would travel to the USA to be nannies for 1 ½ - 2 years.  This training was provided in English to improve their practical use of English, but to also provide them insight into American parenting techniques, basic first aid & CPR, some America Sign Language (ASL) which is popular for use with small children, and other topics.   As some of the girls are not Christians a light spiritual focus was included to prompt thought about spiritual matters. 


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