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Rehabilitation Educational Focus


Heart of Ukraine Ministries is focused on sharing information and informing the government, business owners, churches, and public about substance abuse, homelessness, and rehabilitation, along with related topics like AIDS, abortion, or prostitution.   


MEDIA:  As of the fall of 2008, Heart of Ukraine Ministries has been on the local TV news, in the local newspapers, and on local radio talking about the need to help the homeless and addicted.  This has fostered a growing awareness of the problem and the hope of not just individual lives being changed, but families. 


COLLEGE STUDENTS:  Heart of Ukraine Ministries has joined forces with International Partnership in providing educational classes to college students on a wide variety of subjects, some of which include substance abuse, relationships, and abstinence.


WOMEN’S ISSUES:  Heart of Ukraine Ministries has also coordinated with Crisis Pregnancy resources and participated in a woman’s conference in January 2010 regarding abortion recovery.  Additional conferences are being planned as there are a number of really critical issues here regarding women. 

  • Sexual Assault is rarely reported as women are laughed at, blamed, and the perpetrators never charged or punished. 
  • Pornography is rampant and can be found being sold right next to children’s books at table vendors along the street or in the bazaars.  Research has long proved the devaluing of people, especially women, as a result of pornography.
  • Even though the government is basically pro-life, abortion rates in Ukraine are unbelievably high.  Social Services of the Vinnitsa City Government have expressed their desire to join in on this conference and provide assistance.  

The hope would be to draw in many women and present conference sessions on the worth of a woman, especially in God’s view, and then have a number of break out sessions that address a variety of issues:  divorce recovery, sexual abuse recovery, dealing with those addicted, abortion recovery, etc….


COMMUNITY CONFERENCES:  Heart of Ukraine Ministries is also hoping to eventually plan a conference which would include businesses, church leaders, and government agencies.  The main topics of the conference would be homelessness, addiction, and AIDS/HIV.  Speakers would come from a variety of local sources, as well as a few American special guests.






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