Vancouver WA Trip

March 2007

Thursday night, March 8th, we headed up to Vancouver from California arriving on Friday late morning.  We stayed with our long time friends Misha & Irena Dubinskiy and their two children Mark & Abigail.  We spent Friday and Saturday catching up on all the latest news.  We met a few new friends who stopped by to say “Hello,” to include a couple planning to move to Ukraine; she is Ukrainian and he is American. 


Sunday morning we attended the First Ukrainian Baptist Church of Vancouver where the Dubinskiy’s attend church.  We were asked to share a little about our move to Ukraine and what God is calling us to do there.  We have been to Vancouver before so we enjoyed seeing old friends.


After morning service there we went to New Heights ( where Irena attends a women’s Bible Study.  We worshiped with them and then spoke with a number of Irena’s friends and a few of the Pastors.  New Heights is a large English speaking church that is passionate about missions.


Lunch was spent at Irena’s parents house with a couple from new Heights who were from Sweden.  After lunch we attended Revival (Slavic) Church with Irena’s parents.  We were supposed to speak a little but the choir from Vinnitsa, Ukraine, went a little long in their presentation.  We didn’t mind one bit as the music was so beautiful. They did announce us and we were greeted with great enthusiasm by the largely Ukrainian congregation.  We were told that over 60% of the Ukrainians in this church are from the Vinnitsya area.  


Later that night we did go to the Revival Church’s Youth Meeting.  We spoke on addictions and gave our testimony.  Although we enjoyed our entire visit, those of you who know us, know how much we love working with youth.  We had a lot of fun with the youth using Pizza as an illustration, as well as a number of adults who attended to hear us speak.


Finishing up around 9:00 pm we headed back to the Dubinskiy’s for a light dinner and then we hit the road back to Sacramento.

Revival Church Youth Worship Team

 Victor Lopitan on Guitar – Youth Leader






Senior Pastor Peter Grubiy – 1st Sermonette


Mark & Laura Speak :  Satan Eats All the Good Pizza In Your Life


Asking Who Wants Pizza – Lots of Volunteers


First Volunteer


Offer of Pizza – You Can Eat Pizza

But Must Eat Everything Else That Is On The Plate


You Have to Eat It All – Pizza and All

Not Wanting to Volunteer So Much Now


Second Volunteer – Brave Enough for the Challange


Volunteer Eating Pizza While We Talk About Sin Eating at Our Lives

(boys are far right near speaker have great looks on their faces

   “I can’t believe he is eating it !”)



With the Juice of Other Food Items on the Pizza,

After Awhile the Pizza Isn’t So Good


Talking About Addictions That Look Appealing At First

But Then How They Affect Your Life


Volunteer Continues to Eat 1 Piece of Pizza

as We Talk for 20 minutes !


Volunteer Stops to Listen – Anything to Not Eat the Tainted Pizza


Talking About What’s Left In Our Lives After Satan & Addictions Have Eaten All The Good From Our Lives


Handing Out the Rest of the Pizza


Youth Listening Intently


Mark Gives His Testimony


Laura Gives Her Testimony




Question & Answer Period


More Questions


Ending With Prayer



Closing Worship – Youth Worship Team








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