English as Second Language (ESL)

Goodbye Party

May 2007

Table Set for a Potluck Feast


Laura Explaining Gifts to Students


I wanted to give a gift to my students that would stay with them while Iím gone.  Something that when they see it they think of me and all the fun we had in ESL Class.  I decided to give each one of them a house plant.  They could watch it grow and it would remind them of how they have grown in their ability to speak, write, read, and understand English.  It would remind them of how our relationship grew as not only Teacher and Student, but as friends over the past years.  It would also remind them of how our lives grow in the Lord and how He often calls us to new and exciting adventures.  The Prayer Cards were individualized prayers for each of the students.  I thanked God for different things about them and how they have personally touched my life.  But most of all as a reminder of how I have taken them to the Lord in prayer and how much I have appreciated all the prayers I know that they have said on my behalf.


Gift:  Plant and Personal Prayer From Teacher/Laura


Students Reading Prayer Cards


Personally Made Cake


Trubetchas Made With Love




Talking About the Future


ďI Want a Picture !Ē


Cake & Trubetchkas


The Teacher


Group Photo


Group Photo


Youngest Student Drawing a Picture for Teacher


This was a difficult goodbye as some of my students had studied with me over five years.  I have been to their childrenís weddings, shared new grandchild pictures, and have even attended the funeral to say farewell to a student who passed on to be with the Lord.  They have shared their lifeís challenges with me and I with them.  I used every opportunity to share English with them, even stories about my own Doctorís visits. 

This was one of the ministries I kept up until just a week before we left on our 2 month USA Step Into the Water Tour.  Iím not sure if I just didnít want to give it up or if God had me sharing lives with them for a purpose.  I only know that I will miss each one of them dearly and I look forward to the day I visit Sacramento and can see them again !



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