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Current & Future Needs 

As our ministry continues to grow there are several things that 
would help.    


Please review the list below and pray where God might call you to help.



$ 2,000

2 Laptops

  • Mark’s has died again and is beyond repair. 
  • Laura’s has a cracked (glass) screen, parts of the keyboard don’t work anymore, and the on and off button needs to be manually connected with forceps.  We are using a different monitor and a cordless keyboard and mouse in order to use this computer, but it won’t last much longer
  • Requirements:  DVD player, able to store & edit pictures, website management, Skype, Facebook, etc…


Tractor with several attachments (disc, tiller, potato seeder & harvester, cutter, and trailer). 

  • In 2011, David’s House Rehab Farm expanded from just the home garden (0.35 hectare or 0.86 acre) to a 2nd and 3rd garden (total 2.3 hectares or 5.68 acres). 
  • We hire tractors for the fall & spring plowing and then plant all the seeds, keep them weeded and harvest them all by hand. 


Small Vehicle –

  • With David’s House Rehab Farm in a village 45 km away from Vinnitsa, travel to and from can be costly. 
  • Currently we have an old VW minivan that is in need of numerous repairs. 
  • We’d like to have a small economical car for travel to/from town, but would keep the van for hauling crops and supplies for the Rehab Farm.   








Refrigerator and Freezer

  • Currently our refrigerator is 2x4x2 with a very small freezer.
  • We would like to get a side-by-side larger refrigerator which would enable us to store more cold food, therefore reducing the need to travel into the store everyday (15 km away).
  • A freezer would allow us to preserve more crops (i.e., beans, peas, etc…) and butchered meat reducing the need for hundreds of jars, lids and space for the jars in the basement. It would also allow us to freeze items that can’t be conserved.

$516  mo

Monthly support needed to feed 200-300 meals a week.  It costs approximately 2g or $0.43 a meal, so $129 a week, or $516 a month







Bunk Beds

  • It costs approximately 600g to make a bunk bed and then 600g for each of the 2 mattresses needed;  1,800g or $234
  • 7 more beds are needed for David’s House Rehab Farm
  • With the opening of the Vinnitsa Homeless Shelter, 24 more beds are needed.
  • Obviously with the beds other items will be needed:  pillows, sheet sets, summer blankets, winter blankets


Kitchen items (i.e., large mixing bowls, pots & pans, serving utensils, Tupperware,  etc…)


Travel sized toiletries items for the homeless and poor


Church For You:

-          Sound System for a small church

-          Projector

-          Keyboard


Bibles in Ukrainian or Russian – Best to purchase these locally


Christian books in Ukrainian or Russian


New or Used small group and Bible study sets, with or without DVDs



Towels (body & hand), washcloths


Bed Linens – mainly twin sized




Blankets – light and heavy


MasterLife Bible Program – we can purchase translated copies in Kiev, Ukraine


Celebrate Recovery Program – we can purchase translated via the Internet




Washing machines & dryers

-          3 washing machines for David’s House; $300-400 ea

-          Heavy Duty washer and dryer for Homeless Shelter, $1,000 each


Dental Chairs and dental equipment for office (for dental university students who will do practicum with homeless in addition to city workers)


Medical table/bed and basic ‘sick call’ and emergency type equipment and supplies (for medical university students who will do practicum with homeless in addition to city workers)


Tables and chairs for classrooms, dinning rooms, etc… for homeless shelter


Lockers, stand alone closets or dressers for homeless shelter         



Once you’ve decided where you would like to help, here is how to get it to us:


1.             Norma Wood can ship items via a private company (Meest – www.Meest.com) from Sacramento, California, to Vinnitsa, Ukraine.  Two shipping options are available, by ship which takes 2 months or by air 2 weeks. Cost is approximately $2.50 a pound for air.  She can be contacted at:  (916) 215-7882.


2.            We have established a relationship with ‘Boxes of Love’ and they are able to send a wide range of items.  Their contact information is:  (715) 892-4152 or www.boxesofloveltd.org or boxesoflove@excite.com . 


3.            You can also donate money so that we can purchase these items locally.  Send an e-mail to Contact@HeartofUkraine.com  with you wishes and then either use Paypal (see ‘Support Us’ or ‘Donations’) to send in your financial gift or mail it to P.O. Box 60126, Sacramento, CA 95860.  Make Checks payable to:  Heart of Ukraine Ministries’ and in the memo line note the intent of your specific gift. 

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