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Personal Wishlist 

Below are a number of items that would assist us personally while we minister in Ukraine.  We will not take ministry money for these items, so we must purchase them out of our meager allowance or through personal gifts to us.  Although these items would make things more comfortable for us they are not necessary.


Things we CAN’T find in Ukraine or are of poor quality. . . . .




·         Pancake Syrup - OR - Maple Flavoring (for Pancake Syrup; get maple flavoring and make own; cheaper; find it at any grocery store in America) 

·         Velvetta Cheese and Velvetta Cheese & Shells

·         Zataran’s rice or other mixes

·         Cajon or Pepper spices (for Mark)

·         Cashew Butter (Laura – only nut she can eat)

·         Bisquick Mix

·         Pudding (Instant) - chocolate or vanilla

·         Dry Mustard  

·         Enchilada Sauce - NO Peppers though

·         Soups:  Cream of Chicken, Cream of Mushroom, Creamy Broccoli Cheese, Clam Chowder, etc…

      *    Emergen-C Super Energy Booster 1,000mg Vitamin C - Raspberry




·         Good pot holders (only thin ones here)

·         Mennonite Country Style Recipes & Kitchen Secrets; Esther H. Shank (Cooking from scratch)

·         Pressure Cooker for canning/preserving - it would help us get better seals when we preserve food in jars here

·         Bed Linens:

o    Sheet sets for queen sized bed

o    Pillow cases for Twin/Regular (2)  - AND - Queen sized (2)

o    Pillows – firm Twin & Queen sized  

·         Dishtowels; ones here seem to be really thin and don’t soak up water & dry dishes well              



·         Send us an e-mail and we can let you know what our immediate needs are.



·         Liquid Benedryl (children’s is OK); for Laura in case of allergic reaction

·         Excedrine Migraine

·         Generic Alieve  



·         ANY movie or DVD that can be donated; new or used; obviously no X-Rated; If R Rated prefer no extreme violence or sex; Children’s movies are OK as we can use in teaching English

·         Any education/Biblical DVD with/without workbooks/books

·         ANY Christian books

o    Women’s topics:  Rape Recovery, Abuse Recovery, etc…

o    Men’s topics:  Being a man of God, etc…

o    Church Leadership

o    Fiction:  like Frank Perriti or Left Behind series

·         ANY game; i.e., Scrabble, Monopoply, etc... Not just for us to play but to use in teaching English; full decks of cards OK;

·         Sewing Machine (we have electrical converters here); this would help me take in some of our clothes as we loose weight; would need bobbins, needles, etc...  Will be making blanket covers, curtains, etc… for David’s House and Homeless Shelter. New Singer sewing machine store here in Vinnitsa so I can get some supplies or maybe buy a sewing machine here


Ways to get the items to us:


1. SHIP:  Purchase the item yourself and get it to the below address where it will be shipped to us through a reliable cost effective company that specifically ships to Ukraine.  It takes 2 months for the items to reach us via ship.


The Bohanan’s

c/o Heart of Ukraine Ministries

P.O. Box 60126
Sacramento CA 95860

Norma’s Cell 
(916) 215-7882

NOTE:  It costs approximately $2.50 a pound to ship items to Ukraine, so please keep this in mind whether you donate the money to ship the item or not.


2.      BRING the items to us as you come visit us  !

3.      DEPOSIT money directly into our bank account and send us an e-mail of what you are donating the money for.  Check/Money Order should be made out to ‘Heart of Ukraine Ministries’ with the memo line of ‘PERSONAL – Mark & Laura,’ then mail to:      The Bohanan’s 
                                     c/o Heart of Ukraine Ministries

                                          P.O. Box 60126

                                          Sacramento, CA 95860  


NOTE:  Donations for personal items are NOT considered donations to a charitable organization and therefore are not tax-deductible and no receipt denoting such will be issued.     



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