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Board Of Directors

President: Mark Bohanan - Mark was a drug addict for 18 years before accepting Christ at the Sacramento Union Gospel Mission. After discovering freedom from drugs through Christ, Mark dedicated his life to serving in any capacity God called him to do. He worked at the Sacramento Union Gospel Mission several times in the past several with increasing responsibility. Mark worked with youth in three different churches and before embarking on his new mission field in Ukraine, Mark was the Associate Pastor of Adult Growth and Education at the El Camino Baptist Church, Sacramento, CA. He is one of the co-founders of Heart of Ukraine Ministries.  You can contact Mark via e-mail at Mark@HeartofUkraine.com

Vice President: Ed Jensen - Ed has led the Mexico Mission trip for the El Camino Baptist Church for over 24 years. For over 16 years, part of the outreach during these trips has been to assist a Drug/Alcohol Rehabilitation Center called La Roca. Other ministries are evangelism outreaches to the 'Red Light District' (prostitutes and their customers), a 'dump' ministry to those who scavenge and make their living from the trash/land fill, and in the boys & girls juvenile detention centers near Tijuana, Mexico. Ed also has experiences close to him, in that his son used drugs off and on for years. You can contact Ed via e-mail at Ed@HeartofUkraine.com

Treasurer: Laura Bohanan - Laura was in law enforcement for over 27 years. She has worked a wide range of positions, ending with 13 years as a Community Corrections Manger for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. In this position she supervised and contracted rehabilitation services through private halfway houses, juvenile and state correctional agencies, and contract county jails. During her first marriage to an alcoholic, Laura came to know Jesus Christ and her life began to change dramatically. After being thrown out and divorced, Laura fell into another marriage to a Pastor's son, but it soon crumbled when he began using drugs. He eventually abandoned her and ended up in relationships with different women when he wasn't in prison. These experiences coupled with her law enforcement background give her a wide but close up view of how damaging drugs and alcohol can be as well as the healing power of Jesus Christ.  You can contact Laura via e-mail at Laura@HeartofUkraine.com

Secretary: Norma Wood - Norma has participated in the mission trips with Ed Jensen to Mexico for over 13 years. She has been part of the outreach to the La Roca Rehabilitation Center, the Red Light District (prostitution), the Dump Ministry, and the Juvenile Detention Centers. Personal experiences with her son using drugs, also gives her that edge and passion for working in this ministry. She is active in other ministries at El Camino Baptist Church and she has consistently support the Bohanan's in their work in Ukraine and the USA with Slavic people.  You can contact Norma via e-mail at Norma@HeartofUkraine.com

Director: Eugene Ivanilov - Eugene has known Mark & Laura Bohanan for almost 15 years through their work in several churches, especially with youth. He currently serves in different ministries at the Cornerstone Slavic Church, Sacramento, California, to include the youth group and preaching on occasion. His father is the Pastor of the church and his family is from Donnesk, Ukraine. He has a great passion for the work of Heart of Ukraine Ministries and had offered his assistance before the ministry was formally formed. Eugene has traveled back to Ukraine several times for Summer Bible Camps with orphans and street children. Many of these children are orphaned due to their parentsí use of drugs/alcohol and even their own use.  You can contact Eugene via e-mail at Eugene@HeartofUkraine.com

Director Misha Dubinskiy - Mishsa was born and raised in Ukraine until he moved to America (Sacramento, CA) over 16 years ago from Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Misha was one of the main catalysts that resulted in the Bohanan's visiting Vinnitsa, Ukraine in 2001, actually taking them on their first mission trip there. Misha and his wife Irena were involved in numerous ministries when they lived in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Two (2) of the area ministries Misha was involved in were a music group that went into a number of prisons with music programs and a street evangelism program where there were numerous contacts with drug addicts, alcoholics, and prostitutes. Misha is currently a member of the First Ukrainian Baptist Church, Vancouver, Washington.  You can contact Misha via e-mail at Misha@HeartofUkraine.com

Director: Scott McMann - Scott is currently a California Highway Patrol Sergeant. He has been in law enforcement for over 27 years. During that time he has interacted almost on a daily basis with people who are in bondage to drugs and alcohol. Scott is very familiar with their lifestyles, the consequences of that kind of life, as well as the legal issues that haunt them. He has a broad based knowledge of what works and what doesn't when it comes to helping addicts and alcoholics change their lives. Scott has a great passion for the work of Heart of Ukraine Ministries. He is a current member of El Camino Baptist Church, Sacramento, California.  You can contact Scott via e-mail at Scott@HeartofUkraine.com



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