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My husband, Mark, and I came from such different backgrounds and our lifeís experiences were also very different. I was raised in the church and have been in law enforcement for over 20 years. Mark was raised in a broken home and was a drug addict for 18 years before Christ turned his life around. Through these differences though, we saw a puzzle coming together that would allow us to minister in unusual ways.


 We moved shortly after we married, and it took us several months to find a church home. Many we visited were nice. The people were friendly, the Pastor preached well, and the music was great, but we did not feel God calling us to these churches. One of my husbandís coworkers had been trying to get us to visit his church, but we had resisted as it was quite some distance away. Running out of churches around us, we finally agreed to visit his church. Before the service was over we knew that it was the church where God was calling us to attend.

About a month after joining the church we were shocked and amazed to find out that the balcony of


the church was full of Slavic people! You see before even meeting, my husband and I were individually interested in the Slavic people. It was then that God started unfolding His plan for us regarding the Slavic people.

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